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Gatsby`s American Dream

Gatsby`s American Dream

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    Gatsbys American Dream (also known as GAD, Gatsby’s, or Gatsby) is a prolific Seattle-based indie rock band. Since their founding in 2002, they have released four full-length albums and one EP. They have also appeared on several compilations with original songs and covers. Gatsbys American Dream drew their name from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

    Nic Newsham: vocals
    Bobby Darling: guitar, vocals
    Ryan Van Wieringen: guitar, vocals
    Kirk Huffman: bass, vocals
    Rudy Gajadhar: drums and percussion
    Kyle O’Quin: keyboard, vocals

    Former members:
    Dustin McGhye: Drums
    Josh Berg: Bass

    The prototypes for the songs on the band’s first record, Why We Fight, were (according to Bobby) written by his earlier band, One Point Two. This band was made up of Bobby, Casey Bates, Josh Berg, and Dennis McGhie. The group later met up with the former guitarist and singer of Good for Nothing, Nic Newsham and Ryan Van Wieringen, and formed Gatsbys American Dream. Although Casey Bates never joined the band, he has remained their producer throughout the band’s career.