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Reflex - Non Stop


Non Stop
320 kbps
Verse 1:
I’m nice but the flow so dangerous
They mad coz they just can’t hang with us
And they miss all the shots they aim at us
Don't test me
I'm next b
RifleX but they call me flex
See, it's simple it's not complex
Haters hate but I no go vex, please
Just grind like I'm supposed to
Read the Bible and I follow through
Put in my extra hours
I'm blessed with powers
Turn around and tell the haters I told you
Keisha on dit qui
I don't smoke weed no reefa
Nyongo say na Lupita
One day I go must to meet her
Ya’ll know that I am the best out
I leave competition all stressed out
And your favorite rappers dem left out
I’m the rookie that the vets fear now
No subliminal man i rep Jehovah
UDM the set and we taking it over
Listen up boy, see I be na soldier
These ninjas sweet, man i call them soda
No awards
Never even been on tour
See my hustle pure
Oh boy no be small
I eat the beat raw like a carnivore
Flesh die daily, life is a war
I ball hard boy is y'all keeping core?
Ws no Ls I don’t play for draw
Jesus my Lord don open door

This one no be Hip-Hop
Just watch when the beat drop
Just dance when the beat drop
Just nod when the beat drop

Verse 2:
Let me get some elbow room
I dance like i am from Cameroon
Storms killed it sick beat
And I brought straight heat
Its lit!!
See I no di find me no palava
So why them di bring me this wahala
Mehn dem no fit rap so they just di hala
I school these youngins like a fada, say
One Two Buckle my shoe
Three Four Open the door
Five Six Pick up sticks
Seven Eight Dont playa hate
Your songs di bore
Your rap is poor
It don’t excite me
I don’t come back for more

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